BIFL: 3 best rated electric shavers


Are you looking for a men’s electric shaver or maybe the best electric shaver for the head? What about the best electric shaver for women? At Buy It Once Buy It For Life we have researched and sometimes tried for ourselves these electric shavers, I have chosen one shaver in each of this aforementioned categories. If there was ever an item that should be/could be a “buy me once” products then certainly an electric razor should be on this list, especially if you spend upwards of 300 dollars on an elctric razor. In today’s eco-minded shoppers, a buy it for life mindset is front and centre of purchases both for their wallet and the environment. Read on…

Best Electric face shaver

It was easy for me to recommend this face shaver because I have owned a Braun Series 7 since 2010. Besides replacing the blades and the foil the razor is a good as the day I bought it. In 2010 the razor cost me a little over 300 dollars, but now the very latest model of the Braun Series 7 will cost you about 150 dollars. It is an amazing value. Truly.

Don’t just take my word for it, look at the approximately 10,000 reviews of which about 7,000 are ****FIVE STAR * reviews

I have tried 2 other electric razors but this is the best electric razor for my tough beard and it’s also a quiet electric razor compared to the others I tried. All in all, NICE!

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Best Electric shaver for women

Now for my pick of the best electric shaver for women. Women’s razors are suited, for the most part, for the more delicate skin of a woman. The design focus is on comfort and less irritation to the woman’s body.

Keep in mind that here at buy it once, buy it for life, we will never say that a “product will last forever”. Our electric razor recommendations will allow you to read the reviews and check out which one suits you the most.

For some odd reason women’s electric shavers cost much much less than a man’s shaver and yet the technology is very similar. A comparison might be that a women’s electric razor is a tiny smart car and the men’s electric razor a muscle car. Yet at about only 15 dollars, you can buy the
Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver it does a fantastic job of shaving a ladies legs and underarms. So my sister tells me. This electric razor can be used wet or dry, however avoid total submersion of the razor. A downside to women’s shavers is their battery life is not that good. Only 10, 3 minute shaves can be had from this fully charged electric razor. At home, no problem but when travelling be sure to take the supplied charger with you.

The hypoallergenic women’s razor blades will keep sensitive skin safe and comfortable while for trimming longer hair such as the bikini line, then a pop-up trimmer is also built-in.

Check out the nearly 4,000 *****FIVE STAR***** reviews on this razor. Including the one from my sister.

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The best shaver for a bald head

Balding has been taken to a new grooming level. BALD is now sexy on men and even on some women too! I couldn’t image shaving my head with a wet razor, ouch. This razor is specially designed to shave a bald head like a babies bum. Should I shave my head and become the next Vin Diesel? The battery charges to an impressive 250 minutes of continuous use time, so using this shaver for a 2-week trip will be no problem with no need to bring the charging cable. However, this razor can also be used while plugged into 100-240V voltage AC and work as a corded electric shaver. In some Amazons reviews, buyers have expressed that this electric shaver for a bald head,is the very best.

“better than the more popular Skull Shaver”

If you want to buy a product that last a lifetime then check these shavers out. Try one..get one from Amazon, if you are not happy, Amazon, in most cases, even pay for the return shipping. You have nothing to lose.