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Buy it for Life for the best blood pressure monitor might be a play on words but for many, it can be a life-saving product to buy for use in your home.

Nothing in this article should be considered as medical advice. If you think you have high blood pressure or a cardiovascular issue, then please see your doctor very soon.

For about 5 years I have a medical condition called “elevated blood pressure”. Not “high blood pressure” but high enough that my doctor wanted me to monitor my pressure. It is certainly more convenient to measure and monitor my own blood pressure at home rather than go to the doctor’s office.

OK, so you have decided to buy a high blood pressure monitor either a traditional cuff blood pressure monitor or a wrist blood pressure monitor. Such a monitor can be a product that lasts a lifetime.

Choosing which type of home blood pressure monitor

Arm Monitors

An arm cuff monitor is used to measure your blood pressure at a point above your elbow and below your shoulder. The position of the inflation tube for the cuff is important so it will be necessary to read the instructions that came with the blood pressure monitor that you purchased. Personally, I think the photo below shows a cuff too close to the elbow, I place mine a few inches above the bend on the inside of my elbow.

bio, buy it for lifetime, blood pressure monitor, arm cuff bp monitorThese BP monitors automatically inflate the arm cuff and display readings. Often the BP readings are stored in the units memory. The blood pressure monitor that I use has a feature which stores the last 200 blood pressure results in the units memory. Along with BP readings the unit stores, like many other arm/cuff blood pressure monitors, BP plus the pulse of your heart

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My guess is that this version of a blood pressure monitor for homes use is preferred by medical professionals because this is what some of them use in their own offices.

Wrist Monitors

These convenient BP monitors are also fully automatic but may be less accurate than arm monitors. They are certainly smaller, the size being easy to pack in a weekend getaway bag.

The issue with blood pressure measured with a wrist monitor is that the device is very picky about location and my body position. The cuff should be held level with the heart for a better reading.

How To Buy The Best Monitor For You
Last update was on: July 11, 2020 6:07 pm

Check the fit of the cuff
A friend of mine has HUGE arms and a normal Bp monitor cuff just does not wrap around his arm and maintain the required stationary position. He needed to buy a cuff extension, so please be aware of this factor. The same holds true for a wrist blood pressure monitor. Not all wrist monitors fit around a wrist, the wrist being too thin and boney or simply too big and fat.

Choose a display that you can see
The display on the monitor should be easy to read even in bright light. The buttons that you need to press should be easy to understand. My Omron is easy, press the button wait, press the button again. Finished. Be aware that the BP monitor that you choose might have the same auto-off feature that my own Omron does, the problem is that the unit stays on for about 5 minutes before switching off. In my mind, this wastes the battery and so I now have the habit of turning off the unit by the press of a button.

PLEASE remember: Nothing in this article should be considered, medical advice. If you think you have high blood pressure or a cardiovascular issue, then please see a doctor very soon.

Our suggestions below have a variety of display sizes and styles. They all have stellar reviews and will probably last you a decade or two. My Omron is now 9 years old, bought in 2009

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