BIFL Export quality


Buy it once, buy it for life, export qualityFor the past 4 years, I have been living part of the year in Mexico and part of the year in Thailand. Consumers in both countries are on a steep rise to, God knows where too, but one thing evident is quality. Domestic products made locally, have awful quality while exported goods have “export” quality.

At buy it once, buy it for life, export quality is what we look for and product satisfaction via durability is paramount to not wasting money.

That’s what this website is all about… recommending to readers about stuff that actually lasts!

Many of the items I buy in Thailand and Mexico broke VERY quickly. I realized after some trial and error what was going on… second-grade quality was being sold in these countries and consumers are being ripped off!

Before you buy that off-brand microwave oven, or an item that has a really low price, please consider the true cost of that purchase. Buying it twice!

Enjoy a beautiful day. If you really need to buy something that lasts.. then enjoy shopping here at BuyItOnceBuyItForLife. Thanks. 🙂