Circular saw blade buying guide


Blade types and applications…

Blade type Recommended applications


  • Crosscutting wood (cutting across the grain)


  • Ripping wood (cutting with the grain)
  • Should not be used on plywood


  • All-purpose wood cutting

Fine-tooth finish

  • Makes very smooth cuts

Finish or paneling

  • Cutting paneling, veneer, plywood, laminates, plastics and other light-gauge materials


  • Wood with nails or other foreign objects


  • Metal sheets and pipe

Abrasive wheel

  • Masonry and metal


  • Masonry and tile


  • For use on radial-arm & table saws only
  • Dado and rabbet cuts in wood (groove cuts)

Finding the best circular saw for use around the home is in the top 3 of “must have” power tools to own.

A good circular saw can very easily fall into the category of BIO, BIFL. In my younger decades, I used to buy the cheapest saw I could find, usually a  Black & Decker and they lasted me just a few years. The quality of those cheaper circular saws was simply “just OK”.

Buy it for life products have become a positive trend in today’s eco-minded culture and these carefully chosen powered circular saws are a fine example of built-in craftsmanship and design that are built to last forever.

My own personal brand of this power tool is DeWalt

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and the quality I have with my DeWalt verses all those Black and Decker circular saws is far, far superior. I really think that this will last several decades to come.

Along with a drill (preferably cordless), a circular saw is one of two power tools on my list of must-have tools for the home workshop. Buy a good saw now and you can expect to be using it 10 or 20 years from now. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you shop for your brand new power saw:

Buying guide for a circular saw

Blade Size

The size of the blade is measured by the size of the diameter of the blade that will fit into the saw. The most common size is the 7-1/4 inch. Rember that the USEFUL diameter of the circular saw blade is less than half the diameter due to the saw design. Cutting 2-inch lumber is not a problem but cutting lumber close to 3 inches will be problematic and will shorten the life of your circular saw motor if you do this operation often.

Most saws have an adjustable base plate allowing you to rotate the saw blade to an angle. Remember that if you want to cut at an angle of about 45 degrees then you will not be able to cut a 2×4 stud with a 7-1/4 inch blade. I normally start the cut with my circular saw and finish with a hand saw. Easy enough.

If you really need BIG check out this mammoth 16 inch plus saw from Makita. Not for everyday use, but it would certainly be versatile. This saw can cut 6-1/4 inches in a single pass at 90 °.

Circular saw blades that measure 7-1/4 inches also come in more varieties of blade types for wood, metal and other materials and wood grain directions

Last update was on: April 13, 2024 10:23 pm


The first thing you need to decide is a cordless circular saw or a 115/230 volt circular saw.

Cordless circular saws are fantastic at being able to get to a project area either inside or outside your home. Anyplace an electrical outlet is not available or maybe a dangerous situation to use high voltage circular saw in a wet area. Cordless circular saws are more expensive than their corded cousin. If you decide on a cordless saw then choose a brand that has a common battery and charging system. This will save money in the long run. Look for a battery with a high “amp hour” rating. The higher the number the longer you can use the cordless circular saw on a single battery charge. If you have already decided on a cordless circular saw then THIS CORDLESS SAW is the one I can highly recommend. I do not own one, but my long-time buddy has had a similar model for nearly 10 years and he says its as good as a corded circular saw! The battery/charging system, that is used on this saw is also an excellent choice for all your cordless power tools.

The power of corded circular saw is more often than not stated as “amps”. Circular saws have an amperage power between 10 and 15 amps. The higher the amps, the great the power available to cut wood or other materials. Also, the higher amp motor will also last longer if only used for light work on a regular basis. For heavier projects that require several hours of continuous use a corded 115/230 Volt saw is the best option. More expensive saws also have a longer power cord.

Circular saw features

  • Laser guide light is a fantastic feature that shows ahead of the cut where the blade is going to cut. I wish this had been thought of 30 years ago!!
  • Weight. While not a feature it certainly will make a difference to your comfort if using the saw all day long. Or think positive and admire those biceps after a few weeks of using a heavier saw!
  • Some circular saws have an electric brake. When the power switch is released the brake instantly stops the blade from rotating. As opposed to the blade spinning for a few more seconds and possibly leading to physical harm or botch up the project.
  • Some circular saws have brushless motors. This is a good feature to have, better power transfer and longer motor life. No brushes to change.

I circular saw can give decades of service for the average home user. It is indeed up in the top 3 of power tools to own for the average homeowner.

Obviously, several brands are made from higher quality materials with much higher workmanship and superior design. These facts will give you a product that will feel better when you are using the circular saw, will produce better results and will last a long time. maybe not a lifetime, but for decades for sure.

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