BIFL: Kitchen scissors and knives


Kitchen knives and kitchen scissors seem to be an item that some people are willing to spend LOTS of money on. Frankly spending 1,250 USD on a “good knife set” is such a waste of money.

A good kitchen knife made in the town of Seki can be bought for about 3000 yen or 27 USD. I bought one of these kitchen knives (chef knife) while visiting Seki, a small town in Japan, the samurai sword capital and now a manufacturer of excellent kitchen knives. I often see advertisements in the USA for knives, from Japan, selling for 300 USD each, however, it is not necessary to spend this much money to chop and dice your veggies. I have chosen some excellent kitchen knives for our readers to ponder over. I encourage you to read the reviews on these excellent recommendations

Last update was on: July 15, 2024 11:46 pm

In the same category of a kitchen knife is the need for poultry shears. I actually use kitchen scissors about as often as I use a knife when preparing food in my kitchen. Again, please read the reviews in our recommendation

Last update was on: July 15, 2024 11:46 pm