BIO BIFL: Toaster ovens


When I immigrated to the USA in 1974 a toaster oven was a small kitchen appliance that was new to me. Today the toaster oven is still selling like hotcakes, although it still can not make them. Yet.

The phrase “buy me once” is an ever increasing trend in today’s eco-friendly customer’s minds. For me, the best toaster oven is also the best toaster oven for toast! Toast for me and many others is the primary reason for purchasing this small, versatile, kitchen appliance.

Buy it for life products (BIFL) have become a positive trend in today’s eco-minded culture and these carefully chosen toaster ovens are a good example of products that may last a lifetime.

bio,bifl,toaster oven,under cabinet toaster oven,hanging toaster oven,buy it for a lifetimeBuying guide for a toaster oven

The above guide will get you thinking when you are perusing your choices either at Amazon or at your local store.The selection of toaster ovens shown on this page, all available through Amazon, is based on our own personal experiences here at BuyitOnceBuyitforLife or from reading hundreds of reviews on Amazon, Wirecutter and TestKitchen. 

Toaster ovens with convection heat

Convection heat inside a oven is a fancy name for a fan that circulates heat inside the toaster oven. Convected heat is the same as circulated heat. A small fan inside the toaster oven accomplishes the task of convection heat. A convection oven often results in a more even and faster cooking process.

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I have narrowed down your choices so that you may find the perfect toaster oven that fits your needs. Ordering from Amazon also supports our work here at Buy it Once, Buy it for Life and yes we get a small commission from items you purchase via our website. Remember that most returns can be shipped back to Amazon with zero shipping cost to you the buyer. See for details. Thanks for reading.