Buy it once, Buy it for life with smart choices


Buyitonce Buyitforlife, finds, evaluates and markets products that last. Hopefully will last a Lifetime, not harm the Planet, not too hard on your wallet and you will never have to say “it broke”. Make smart choices and buy it for life.

Patagonia clothing manufacturer, for example, will repair purchases items free of charge and a nominal fee for repairs due to accidents and excessive use. Companies like Patagonia are about Name Branding and intend to stick around for decades and the business model is sustainability and repeat customer orders.

This site features products that I believe have exceptional built-in quality or have a great customer after-care policy..or both! A HUGE degree of trust can be put in actually USER REVIEWS…  therefore many of my products also have THOUSANDS of independent reviews that rate the product high or low and for me, this feature alone is the number one reason I choose to buy a product.

The mission of my website is quite simple: to simplify the decision-making process. Products that last a lifetime and products that you will only buy once. The buyer has already made up their mind to buy a backpack, for example. I just hand them their solution. For the buyer that’s often the hardest part: WHICH ONE should I buy??? Thier choices are often mind-boggling and daunting and it my contention that, many people give up the search and then one day they buy the searched for product, in a shopping mall and have no idea about the quality etc etc… IMPULSE PURCHASE based upon a need. Bad idea.

Speaking of quality. Let’s do this simple arithmetic: You have a choice of buying a backpack for $65 with zero warranty and no big name backing up the product. Your second choice has a price tag of $128 and is made by Osprey. Osprey comes with a Lifetime warranty: Which backpack should you buy, one in your lifetime or 4 or 5, or more, in that same lifespan?

When you buy the Osprey you are also being kinder to the Planet because your local garbage dump will not receive 5 worn out backpacks from you and all of the associated packaging materials. Kudos! Well done. Smart choice.