How to buy a refrigerator that lasts


Perhaps 50 years ago buying a refrigerator that lasts a lifetime was not so much of an issue. So many people today spend more than one thousand dollars on a cool refrigerator only to have a serious problem that costs another 500 dollars to fix just 1 year later.

If you are serious about buying a refrigerator that will last a few decades, lasting a lifetime depends on whether you are 20 years old now or 60 years old! This short article will help you decide on the best choice for your needs.   

Last update was on: April 13, 2024 3:17 pm

A very important step in the buying process is to read the reviews on Amazon. I do this all the time even though I may not buy the item on Amazon. The reviews are real-world experiences. My choice has always been a bottom freezer model. I simply only use the freezer a very small portion of the time and so have the fridge compartments at eye level is much more convenient and comfortable to load and unload. I hope this helps with your decision! Diane

Last update was on: April 13, 2024 3:17 pm