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calculator, BIFL, buy it for life, buy me once A calculator in any office, home office or otherwise is always important. I have been using the same calculator, also solar powered like this one, since 1982! A clear, large display is the big benefit of this calculator and the whole package measures 6.1 x 4.8 x 1.4 inches. A product that will certainly last a lifetime.

BIFL,buy it once, buy it for life, best office chair

The best office chair

I can find is this executive high back office chair in a black colour only.Materials are a leather and PVC combination. The design is very comfortable and the quality is excellent.

The chair is fully adjustable with curved contours to help keep your back supported and your body properly aligned, an important consideration when sitting for several hours a day, at a keyboard. The seat height adjusts a full 4 inches, allowing for back stretching position or a more relaxed posture.In addition to the height, an easy to reach handle also controls the tilt of the chair, from rocking back and forth to a rigid position. A knob under the seat also controls how easy it is for your weight to reline the seat, lower to higher force can be adjusted to meet your needs by simply turning the knob.

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then you can get this bulky, heavy item shipped to your home or office for free as a member privilege.

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I do a light of typing. Surprised? Ha. Most of the time I am typing at my desk. But when I want to be more..comfortable..lazy…I type on my sofa. Also when I have to travel I will be typing in a bed. So support for my laptop is absolutely paramount and so is convenience.

This lap desk also keeps the cooling and ventilation areas open on your laptop. A reason may laptops fail is due to overheating by smothered air vents. I bought the lap desk with a slot so I can type on my laptop and also refer to my smartphone neatly placed in the rear slot. A very cool setup for not a lot of money. The materials are good and the design is so simple that this product will surely outlast my laptop and me!


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