Fixing stuff


Hopefully everything you buy, especially at, will never need to be repaired.
Things break due to being dropped, abused or whatever.

I bought a pair of sandals 2 months ago and I wore them for about 2 hours before they broke! Very annoying to walk around in one sandal. One fabric strap had come apart from the lower half. It was not glued properly when manufactured.

Superglue saved the day. A quick trip to 7-11 and a small tube of superglue in hand… and the shoe was better than new in just 10 minutes. Hopefully, I will get a few years out of the sandals as well as my repair.

Handy repair materials to pack for around the house, a holiday or business trip would include :




Elastic band


Hot glue gun

Sewing needle and thread

And finally but not least.. Duct tape.

Repairing your purchase may simply get you out of a bad situation while on holiday or may add years to the life of a product you use at home. Much better than putting in the trash.

All the best for long life product searching!