A UK survey conducted in 2015 found that the majority of women’s clothing items are only worn 7 times on average, then tossed into the back of the closet.

This wastefulness must stop or slow down at the very least! It is our hope at BIOBIFL that consumers become more aware of the overall cost to their own finances and to the toxic effect on our Planet. I hope you enjoy perusing some of the products here at BuyitonceBuyitforlife.com for these very reasons. Enjoy a beautiful day.

Good ideas for umbrellas

Good ideas for umbrellas

Buying an umbrella is not just to keep the rain off your head now. Umbrellas for keeping the sun off your head are important to millions of people in Asia and other hot, tropical climates. Even in ...


BIFL: Best pocket knives

-53% BIFL: Best pocket knives

Pocket knives, pen knives, switchblades from the traditional, old timer, knife design still being manufactured for the past 100 years to the more modern blade designs, knives are still a prized item ...

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