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Your idea of a nice rain hat may not be as “interesting” as the one pictures from Korea shown above. However, a practical way to keep your head and maybe your shoulders dry is an important clothing item for everyone that lives in a rainy area of the USA or Europe.

A rain hat with a wide brim is fine in calm weather, the larger brim will keep the sun off your face during showers and sunny spells and will also keep your head and shoulders dry. However, when the wind gets up, the brim often ends up flopping around and you will absolutely need a cord to tie under your chin prevent the hat from flying off your head. Some brims are stiffer than others

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Look at the material for its water-resistant qualities. A lining will keep your hat warm and reduce “hat hair” due to sweating less on your scalp. Holes in the hat allow for a little ventilation while still keeping the rainwater out.

The selection of rain hats in this article has been chosen from both personal experiences and from reading hundreds of reviews on Amazon. I have narrowed down your choices so that you may find the perfect rain hat for your needs. Ordering from Amazon also supports our work here at Buy it Once, Buy it for Life and yes we get a small commission from items you purchase via our website. Thanks!

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