My top 3 backpack picks BIFL


In no particular order are my best picks for a backpack,so no need to trudge to the backpackers shop, shop online now. Notice that each backpack is for a very different purpose and so in a way, each one in its class is what I deem to be the best. This particular item could certainly be a considered a “buy it for life backpack”, I hope you find one that will last!

If there was ever an item that should be/could be a “buy me once” product then certainly a high-quality backpack should be on this list. In today’s eco-minded shoppers, a buy it for life mindset is front and centre of purchases both for their wallet and the environment.

I have actually owned just one of these backpacks since 2007. The best osprey backpack, in my experience, is the Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag, 46-Liter. It is an all-around great travel and outdoor adventure. It is built to last, the zippers are still smooth as silk 10 years later and there is zero damage except for wear and scuff marks to the tough fabric. I have checked this on an aircraft, buses and its taken a beating on luggage carousels and handling in general. I don’t think you can go wrong when you consider the osprey porter 46 as the best osprey backpack.

The versatile in/town or on campus backpack pick goes to the wonderfully crafted Swiss Gear. This backpack is manufactured by the same clever people who make the famous Swiss Army Knife. Whether you are shopping for the best backpack for girls or a cool laptop bag or are an avid outdoors backpacker, this versatile backpack is made for convenience and functionality, and it’s loaded with features like a special pouch to secure your smartphone and connection. Scan Smart Feature, the laptop computer compartment is airport friendly allowing you to keep your computer safe when passing through security. At the checkpoint, simply unfold to the flat position, the unique quick-recognition window design makes going through security less of a hassle. I have a very expensive laptop and so good laptop protection is VERY important when I travel or simply want to pop into Starbucks for a coffee and some digital work.o I am very particular about cases. The zippered compartments slide very well and look top quality.

For a fantastic all-around hiking, backpack think seriously about the Osprey Atmos 65 AG Backpack. This is, in my humble opinion THE BEST hiking backpack sold.

This backpack could absolutely be a “buy me once” purchase in your life.

It is also the best osprey backpack for all-around hiking in the great outdoors. The foundation of the Osprey Atmos AG 65 is Osprey’s Anti-Gravity suspension system that delivers outstanding ventilation and carrying comfort. This award-winning backpack has earned a solid reputation all around the world and I have often seen this exact model in Bavaria, Mongolia and the latest sighting was in South Korea. I am always looking at people at the stuff they have when they travel or are out on an adventure. The Anti-Gravity suspension system—a seamless back panel composed of lightweight mesh extending from the top of the back panel to the hip-belt that contours to the body to deliver an outstanding fit and unrestricted movement. The hip-belt is easily adjusted while walking and torso length optimizes comfort on the trail. Remember to buy carefully when your order the small, medium, or large version of this backpack. Again, a true companion for your buy it for life (BIFL) lifestyle.

Buy it for Life BIFL Products and Buy it Once BIO have become a positive trend in today’s eco-minded culture. We have carefully researched these backpacks and they are a good example of things you can buy that may last you a lifetime.

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