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When shopping for the best camera, for their needs, many people are asking themselves “what is exactly is a DSLR camera?”. In other words, an SLR vs DSLR camera. A digital single-lens reflex camera is also referred to as a DSLR camera. The “D” in DSLR is actually an upgrade, if you will, of some much older camera technology called SLR, or Single-Lens Reflex.

Simply put, a single-lens reflex camera passes light through the lens at the front of the camera on to a prism, places in a position similar to a periscope. When the camera shutter button is pressed, the prism or mirror is rotated out of the way and the light is projected through the lens and directly on to the light sensor in the case of a DSLR, or film, in the case of an SLR camera. When the camera shutter is not in use, the light bounces off the prism/mirror and into the viewfinder of the electronic display

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The DSLR camera meaning: The successor to the film SLR, a digital single-lens reflex camera uses a movable mirror along with a prism or additional mirrors to reflect an image from the lens into a viewfinder, so you can accurately frame and focus your shots. When you press the shutter button, the mirror flips up, allowing light to pass from the lens onto the image sensor, which records the photo.

A HUGE difference in the SLR vs DSLR is that the DSLR, the digital camera, does not use film.

The BIG advantage of a DSLR is that no film is required since the photographs are stored inside the camera via various digital storage methods, the most common being micro SD card. This means that you can take 50 photos of your grandbaby playing in your home and surely 1 or 2 will be fantastic photos. There are no additional costs to taking fifty photos vs just one photo, whereas with an SLR, a film camera, there was an additional cost involved by buying, developing and printing the inferior 48 or so photographs.

Last update was on: November 29, 2022 9:41 am

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